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The Kayla Donnelly-Smith Memorial Scholarship Foundation (KDS) is a local Long Island charity founded by Penny Smith to honor her daughter through the issuing of financial scholarship awards to Long Island High School students and donations to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation in honor of her daughter Kayla.

LICA will be raising funds to donate to the foundation via specific events and fundraising activities through 2024, including our annual Summer Charity Social.

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About Kalya Donnelly Smith

Kayla Donnelly-Smith was a remarkable young woman whose life was tragically cut short at just 22 years old when she was just beginning her journey.  Kayla was a vibrant and ambitious individual who lived her life to the fullest, never wasting a single day in pursuit of her dreams.  Her infectious spirit and zest for life influenced all those around her.  She was everything a parent could dream of as a daughter, a role model to her younger sisters, and a loving partner to her boyfriend.

Kayla aimed to make the world a better place leaving an indelible mark on everyone who was fortunate enough to have known her.  Whether for a moment or a lifetime, her infections smile and unwavering optimism was a gift.  

KDS Memorial Scholarship Foundation was created to carr on in her honor, following the values and lessons she exemplified in her short but impactful life.  The charity serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us to embrace life as she did, cherishing every moment and pursuing our dreams with determination and passion.

Funds raised by KDS are utilized to provide scholarships to Long Island High School students at Kayla's  alma mater,  to help them pursue their dreams.  Additionally, it raises money for Juvenile Diabetes Relief Fund, one of the valiant battles that Kayla and her family took head on in support of her younger sister impacted by the disease.

In 2024, the Long Island Claims Association has chosen to collaborate with the Kayla Donnelly-Smith Memorial Scholarship Foundation for their fundraising efforts, furthering the cause of honoring Kayla's memory and helping others to make their mark on the world.  The charity invites you to participate in their upcoming fundraising events and consider donating, with the assurance that 100% of funds contributed through the website will support the Foundation.


Together, we can ensure that the legacy of extraordinary individuals like Kayla lives on, inspiring us all to make the world a better place.

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